Monday, April 20, 2009

but pearls don't curl

curl like pearls!

I was feverish today again (oh wait, I've mentioned that)
But I have managed to complete my fifth assignment and I will definitely finish my sixth before Thurs. yayyyyy

Anyhoos, I really hope that I'll be able to hang out with my friends before DD leaves for Aussie again. )):
I can't wait for the weekend though!
My woooord! With all the work I'm doing, it is definitely going to be fantastically well deserved!

I had quite a lovely dinner tonight, it's the first time that I've gone to a stall and ordered a proper meal (I swear). I've ordered wings and drinks before but I always pick off people's plates or they order for me (Like Richa) hahahahah.
So yay me!
It was great meeting up with Richa again and I hate that it's always only like, when they're a couple of days away from leaving the country.

Weeeeell, if you ever read this Richa, Have fun in Canada! And make out with lots of cute people, and take pictures of it to show us!

Heather's coming to school with me tomorrow.
Groan. So much to do, So much to doooooo.

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