Wednesday, April 1, 2009

dial tones, bitten cats and lonely rabbits- they make me sad

Gawd, this must be a million years old. (I think your hair's nicer now btw)

I feel incredibly fuckshitty right now.
It must be all the sleeping. I've been sleeping like, tonnes. Which is nice and good once in a while. Except if you start taking three hour naps everyday and STILL sleep at eleven. Or maybe it's just the particular time I took my nap at.

Vicky, you see, has this theory. That if you nap at a certain time and wake up in the evening, or like early evening, you start feeling really dissatisfied with yourself which often makes you very upset. Often bordering on ahmahgad I wanna jump outta the window sort of feelings. Which, I must say, isn't that far off from what I'm feeling right now.
Bloody hell.

Back to point.
I'm feeling absolutely fuckshitty right now. It doesn't feel like I've been doing anything. Anything at all. Which is a little bit absurd if you think about it, because I sure as hell have been doing stuff!
I went for a swim today, taught at TKSS, hung out at East Coast with Victor and came back before seven.
I bathed buttons yesterday, not to mention taught for five hours and fifteen minutes, swam the day before and finished my second assignment.

This doesn't make sense.

And I'm feeling so incredibly irritated with myself, like I can't get round to doing anything. It's pissing me off like FUCK and you just wouldn't believe!
Sweet Jeebus, this is so incredibly bad. I don't even feel motivated to watch How I Met Your Mother! DO YOU KNOW HOW BAD THAT IS?!

I'm so incredibly anoyed at myself. EURGH.

And of course, my second assignment results came in and I did worse than my first. I dropped from an A to a B+ thanks to two extra wrong questions.
Good God.

The day was lovely though, I must say.
Short and long at the same time and (insert a swear word less foul than what I nearly typed here) I feel like crying.
I want to go back to my tiny bed which I just crawled out from and cry.

I feel like if someone says Hello to me the wrong way, I'm going to burst into tears and start cutting myself.
This is so so so bad and I have no, absolutely no idea what's going on.

I've got blisters on my feet and am tempted to sit around feeling sorry for myself. Plus, I'm super headachey.

God I need a cuddle.
Quite desperately, actually.

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