Saturday, April 11, 2009

the little things gang up to irk me

I had a tiff with TLC over something super lame. I'm too grumpy for my own good.

Groan, there's so much that I have to do. It's insane.
Actually there's not a lot but my ass is sore from sitting on my stool and my body is rather achey.

Buttons is due for a bath but then she won't be a very happy baby by the time Enqing comes over to see her. hahahahahah.
I'm worried she's growing up too quick and I'll have to take her in to get snipped a bit earlier.

Ah, the woes of a mother! (I'll be our parents would've gotten us snipped if they could!)

On the plus side!
Victor gave Heather back to me and said I could have his extra wireless stick (which looks awfully cool!) to solve my dead-wireless problem!
Thanks love! If anything, for taking her apart and trying to figure out what went wrong:D

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