Thursday, September 25, 2008

come on life, hit me

I've had a lovely couple of days- with myself and with friends too.

Bird and I reached our 5hour mark (approx 44km!) but at the expense of bodies and feeties.
We bladed all the way from one end of East Coast, all the way to the other, and then straight on to Changi Beach, AND THEN ALL THE WAY BACK AGAIN TO MEET RY FOR DINNER.

Oh yes, the falling rate was
I've got grazes and bruises )):

I came back home today and cooked dinner(:
I missed my family (.)(.)!

We can't run away from reality, but it does you wonders to take a break from life once in a while.
Which was exactly what I needed.
But now,
it's time to head back I guess(:


Unknown said...

hello twin! =)

Unknown said...

hahaha, yeah!
i guess so. xD

my highlights are gonna be gone soon though. anw, how've you been? =D

(are your feet aching like mad from the blading? my whole body has been aching like mad after blading for 3hrs. I can't imagine 5 ._.)